Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pictures From The Road to California

Trying to narrow my pictures down to a few representatives just wouldn't cut it, so here are the ~100 best in the beta version of Google's PicassaWeb. It was a great trip, and I really don't think there's an ugly state in the union.

Trip out west
Jul 16, 2006 - 97 Photos
You'll notice that there aren't any pictures in there of Giant Sequoia National Park. You'll also notice that some of the last pictures in the album are of giant mountains of pink sand and my camera in the midst of it. I actually did manage to take it all apart and clean the sand out of it, but my souldering skills weren't quite up to the task of getting it working again.

Other peoples pictures will have to suffice.

I'd write a little about the sights on the trip, but its too late at the moment, and all I could really do is bore you with superlatives anyways. Just take a trip sometime and go see Dead Horse Point and Sequoia National Park, and while you're at it drive around southern Utah for a while stopping at scenic points. They've got a place called "Panorama County," and they aren't kidding. Skip the Grand Canyon unless you've got the time to hike down into it. It's cool, but there's cooler.

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