Monday, June 30, 2008

Wall-E is Incredible.

Just go see it. I don't know how Pixar will be able to top this one. It took my breath away scene after scene. In some moments I started to tear up at the sheer lyrical beauty of it. I kid you not. Just go see it.

Edit: Now that a day has passed I'll add my little 2¢ about what makes it so good.

I think the most incredible thing about it is how perfectly it nails the tone. It's a post apocalyptic movie in which the earth is uninhabitable and the remaining humans are sluglike consumerist caricatures living out their days in space, but the movie treats the subject with such tenderness that it's never vindictive or off-putting. The humans aren't evil or stupid, they're just innocent, naive. Wall-E is a bit of a packrat, collecting all of the human artifacts that he thinks are neat, and the simple joy he takes in an egg-beater or a rubik's cube softens it perfectly. In spite of the fact that the entire planet is overrun by our junk, a lot of the junk is really cool. It's these touches that make it an honest look at humanity instead of a diatribe. As good as all this is though, it's really just a backdrop for the love story, which is so innocent and touching that it could carry the movie even if the rest of it was ignorable.