Saturday, October 25, 2008

That Woman is Terrifying.

Today, Palin mocked fruit fly research despite it being the basis of much of our modern knowledge of genetics, and responsible for a Nobel Prize. This is more enraging to me than anything else in the broad spectrum of outrages that have come out of the McCain campaign. Basic science research is the most noble thing that humans do, and to denigrate it without so much as a Google search, while still claiming to be qualified to be president . . . I don't have any language strong enough to condemn her without wishing her bodily harm. It is terrifying to me that given a choice between voting for Bush and voting for Palin, I would vote for Bush.


Marcia said...

AMEN. Palin should disappear into oblivion. McCain should retire as soon as his term as Senator is over.

Chris said...

Very well put. I can only thank whoever is above that this inept, clueless, and clearly dangerous woman is nowhere near Pennsylvania Ave and is back home with her oddly named children. As for 2012, I figure she'll be long forgotten by then.