Sunday, September 23, 2007

Andy Kehoe

I wanted to share an awesome artist with you guys that Neil introduced me to a year or so ago, Andy Kehoe. His stuff has a vague narrative that runs through it with thematic characters. His "Truth" character is my favorite. I find them all really profoundly effecting. His site keeps drawing me back either to show friends or just to look at the images again. I love the textures. I just bought prints of the first two as birthday presents to myself.

Finding hope in a clearing.

Greeting the simple life.

Truth kills another crow.

Truth wanders alone.

After the flood, Truth wavers.

Death comes for me on a beautiful autumn day.

No answers out here.

Tragedy in the woods.

War hovers over us again.

King crow grows rampant.

Noble voices lie hidden and mute.

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