Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Don't trash the 'nati.

My journal entry about this past weekend was several pages, so I don't have much energy to write about it more here. Most of it was either too personal for me to talk about it on the internet or for others to want to read about. Picasaweb has a feature where you can place each of your pictures at a geographic location so that others can see them in context, and I've done that for this whole album so check it out! Several times as I was driving around this weekend I looked at familiar places and tried to bring up everything I could remember that happened there. It was pretty overwhelming, especially after living for a year in a place with so few memories attached to it. I suspect that eventually cameras and the internet will be able to do that for us. I've found already after a few years of having a digital camera that I remember events that I have pictures of more vividly and more often.

I ate enough of the Cincinnati-specific staples this weekend to tide me over until my next visit: goetta, cottage ham & beans, Graeter's icecream, and Skyline Chili. I've failed to explain what cottage ham is to many people before, so if you are still curious I've thoroughly documented it in the photos.
I'll try to get Eric to post the video of us jamming so you can see how I blistered my fingers, and how poorly I remember my blues scales. If I play guitar at all this week I'll be playing with a pick. This was a pretty musical weekend all around. I went to the Cincinnati Blues Festival on Friday and saw some of Eric's friends play in the Jon Justice Band. Neil gave me a CD that his brother produced with an artist named Sorie Kondi in Sierra Leone. You can see the music video for it to the left.

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