Sunday, November 19, 2006

I'm Wiiless!

Charles, Nayema, and I went Wii hunting. When we got to Toys 'R' Us at 11 last night there were over 90 people in line for 80 units. We got to Walmart at 7AM. I was person 16 and they had 14 units (picture 1). We went to Target and there were 160 people in line for 70 units (picture 2). We went to Best Buy, and they had already handed out tickets for all of the 60 units they had (picture 3). The going rate of spots in line was $70, at least according to the one transaction I witnessed. Posted by Picasa


A. Gail said...

Ryan -yes, I've read through and viewed the more recently loaded photos/videos. I'll have to check with your mom to find out who the 3rd guy is from your camping trip.

How was your Thanksgiving flight in and out of New York? your visit? how's Lauren?

Hope to see you in several weeks!

A. Gail

Chris said...

Hi Ryan,

Great pics of California coast, Cincy Nature Center, etc.! Takes a while to see them on our free but oh-so-slow dialup link. I'll have to take some time after work some day to check out the rest.

Looking forward to seeing you again in a few weeks. I downloaded Picasa but used only a little. Maybe can get a lesson or two?

See you soon,

Uncle Chris

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ryan -

The movie looks interesting...I've never heard of it before, though. I'll look for it at the Esquire or the Mariemont.

Any photos from Christmas?

I hear you ran into Ilya's family in the Bay area...small world!

Aunt Karen